Saturday, 12 July 2014

Quality not Quantity

Well lets see what the lovely ladies at Caverswall have been doing this week,

Well Chris has come today with this this fabulous owl, she got the
 pattern from a magazine, she is planning to make 6 more!!

Wendy is pinning her beautiful Bargello, She is taking advantage
 of all the space here and our big tables, next its the quilting :)

Irene has had inspiration from the colours on my Simon Henry workshop piece,
and loved the mix of red and white fabrics so she has being playing today,
 she doesn't know what she is going to do with this lovely block yet but I cant wait to see :)
Jenny is still working on her fantastic bargello, her next step is to piece it together :)

                                              ( Mr Right  Mrs Always Right )

And me well I've been finishing my pillows, personally I don't think they look
right and they may need something else, but I know if I take them next
week there will be lots of help and support there for me to make them perfect.
I also made this funky pillow as a birthday gift, loving the pompoms!!!

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