Thursday, 31 July 2014

Well this Wednesday we were treated with fab fairy cakes thanks to Merilla to celebrate a new baby girl in her family :) they were very yummy!!!

                        Last week you may remember Wendy make a fantastic blue crochet hat,
                        a few people asked at the club how she made the flower so she very kindly
                       did a little tutorial for them :)

               Wendy also had time today to make this fantastic bag!! I am so making one of those

                 Anne pie has  been working on her beautiful Bargello in these lovely autumn colours

                                        Cathy has also being putting together her fantastic Bargello

                                          Irene has been putting her red and white blocks together

                                             Chris has been working on her lovely table runners

                                                 (Sorry didn't have much time for photos today)

                                          And me well I was busy making bunting for my little girl


That's it for this week xx 

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