Wednesday, 2 July 2014

Hang It High Keep It Dry!!!!

Well we have loads to look at so lets take a look, the title today comes from Wendy, we had so much to hold up and share that this became relevant (not that we have wet floors) I just found it funny :)

Well Cathy has been really busy, and you will agree that she has done
 a fantastic job doing her piecing for her bargelo trip around the world, :)

After weeks of procrastinating Irene has come across one of her
 UFO's (Un Finished Objects) and decided to finish her Crossed Log Cabin Quilt,
 Irene ran out off fabric for the back (as you do) so decided to do a fancy back :)
Wendy has made this lovely little Linus Quilt and has just got to finish quilting it :)
Wendy is also in the middle of quilting her fab Bargelo trip around the world quilt,
I think they are breeding at the moment in the village hall
Wendy has also done a funky back, this shows you that your creativity
doesn't have to stop at the front :)

Wendy has just finished this fantastic Court House Steps Quilt
(who said you could do to many projects at one time?!!)

She has quilted this quilt from the back following the swirly pattern,
so its another Ta Dar!! for Wendy :)
Chris has made another fantastic table runner for a friend
 with all the commissions going to her local church :)
 this one is in different shades of green.
And me well its that time of year when the children are leaving school,
 so I have been instructed to make some gifts for 3 different teachers!!
 so this one is having a mug rug
I did have a little help with the beautiful picture and the writing.

That's it for another week see you soon x x x