Saturday, 19 July 2014

Nothing beats home made scones and jam :)

Well we had a fantastic treat Wednesday our dear Wendy brought with her some fantastic home made scones, jam and clotted cream :) Yummmm!!!!! Also we were really busy today so I have loads of pictures to share, lets have a look

Well we do all sorts of thing here at the Quilt Club, Cathy needed to alter the
length of her leggings so with a little advice she was well away!!

Lynda is like a bag making machine!! here is another fantastic
bag she has made, Tar Dar!!
Jenny has made this gorgeous bag, she has created the pattern herself,
What a clever girl!!!  

Jenny has been really busy and has created this fantastic card
for a Alice in Wonderland themed party

                                                 notice all the fantastic detail!! WOW!!

Aunty Beryl has been a busy bee to as you can see, she has made
 four brilliant blocks for her scrappy quilt and is in the middle of joining them.

                                This is yet another of Lynda's beautiful bags This is going to
                                                             be a Birthday present!!

                                         Margaret is making this lovely stripy quilt for her
                                      grand daughter, I can't wait to see it all put together :)

Wendy is in the middle of yet another quilt, this is made with
 25 small squares, I am really loving these colours together
Marilla has been very busy to, she has put all theses fantastic blocks
together by hand!!!

Annette has been working on this beautiful lap quilt for her hubby,
 I think its going to look brilll!
Kate has made this fabulous bag for her sister, which is reversible,
 using the fabric from the bow, I did have another photo which got deleted :( 
                                                                   (Sorry Kate)
Cathy has been putting together her lovely Bargelo Quilt,
I think she is doing really fantastic!!!!
Wendy had been busy Crocheting and has made this fantastic hat!!
Think I will have one in Cream Wendy!! And a big thank you to the model!!!!

And me well my little monkey is leaving her nursery,
so I made a discussion cushion, its a take off the I spy quilt
but a bit smaller ;)
This is the back , (thanks for the extra little help nana Wendy)
Well that's it for another week  see you soon xxxxxxx

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