Saturday, 7 June 2014

Saturday, 7 June 2014

Well this Wednesday was a bit more calmer than last week, but the lovely ladies here still has lots of wonderful things to share,

Cathy has made this wonderful cushion, Ta dar!!! for her grandson Dylan who likes Mickey Mouse, she has got two more to make with Minnie Mouse and camper vans on, I cant wait to see them!

Cathy is also planning to make a bargelo quilt and with a little help from her fabric god mother she has chosen these beautiful 12 fabrics, I am really looking forward to seeing this quilt finished!! :)

Chris was making these blocks last week and they really "ping" with the red she has joined them all together to make a table runner which looks stunning!!  
 Irene is still working on her lovely rag quilt, I think its going to be a big one with how many blocks she is making!
and Irene is already thinking about her next project, she is going to try some foundation piecing!!
Wendy has made this fabulous Katharine Guerrier Quilt, using all her scrappy bits, she just needs to finish quilting then there will be another on her finished pile! :)
And me well I needed to make some thing super quick for my lovely mum so someone mentioned a peg bag so Ta Dar!! I made this with a little guidance, hope she likes it.
That's it for another week, see you soon xx

Sunday, 1 June 2014

Busy Busy!!!!!

Well this week we were very busy!!! First Edna popped in to say hi, Then Annie Pie came to say hello, then the egg lady Gilly popped in (well she pops in every week) but this week she had brought with her lots of lovely things for us to look at,
                                     First she showed us her knitting with 5 needles!
she makes her own socks!!! Clever lady!!

                                                   Then she showed us all her Hexagons

Then her lovely scrappy blocks, she has been busy!

Aunty Beryl is making this fantastic bit quilt, using all sorts off bits and bobs,

This is a close up of her fancy quilting!!!!

Cathy wanted some ideas on the bargelo quilt, so Wendy brought some beautiful examples for us all to look at, this fantastic green and pink quilt contains 12 different fabrics, its got to have a few more bits to be put on before its finished, 
This is lovely finished quilt using 10 bits of fabric, which now belongs to Wendy's two lovely doggies!

                                     And this little quilt is a cot quilt made with only pieces of
                                      fabric, this quilt top is waiting to be backed and quilted!

Irene has been doing a "Mystery Quilt" where your given the instructions bit by bit these are the blocks, 

It looks really nice all laid out! :)
Cathy has been busy to doing a course at Angie's shop, creating this beautiful picture piece,

                          Annette has made this lovely bag, think this will be next on my list!! :)

                                    Also Lynda has been busy making this beautiful bag!

Chris was playing magician turning one block in to another!! Very cleaver! 

                             Well I told you we had been busy!! That's it for another week! :)

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