Wednesday, 18 June 2014

More Happy Sewing

Well it was brilliant on Wednesday, there were lots of happy faces all with there different projects form quilting making bags and cushions. There was a happy buzz in the Village Hall today!!! :)

                    First we have a Ta Dar for Jenny and her beautiful Asian Garden Quilt in
                                                     beautiful purple green and pink :)

This is a close up off the different blocks in the quilt

                            Margaret has made this lovely little baby quilt and has done some
                                                          fab free motion quilting :)

             Annie pie came and spent all day today with us which was really nice and has
 been using her scrap bits to make this fantastic quilt top :)

Lynda has made this brilliant bag with this fantastic fabric!!

Marilla has been hand sewing again creating these lovely blocks :)

Irene has been working on her foundation piecing, this is her sample, she likes to do a little sample before she starts all her project, I'm looking forward to seeing this finished!   

Annette has been working on some nine square blocks in this rather beautiful fabric :) 

      Kate has been working on using her piece she did in the Simon Henry work
         shop (Top) with a piece she created herself and is going to put them together to
 make a bag!! Cleaver girl! cant wait to see it finished! :)

       Also Cathy has been working on her bargelo quilt, cutting pieces, 
  Aunty Beryl has made a fantastic memory quilt for her friend
 and I have made a cushion, but it comes as a pair so u will have to wait till they are both finished for the pic :)

See you soon x x x   

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