Thursday, 12 June 2014

Well we had another quiet day, but we still had a lot off giggles :)
lets see what we got up to

Well we have a Ta Dar!!!!!! for Irene she has completed her beautiful rag quilt,
she just needs to pop it in the tumble dryer for a few minutes to fluff it up
and it will be complete!

This is a close up to show the effect of the ragged edges :)

Wendy is completing her scrappy quilt, by quilting it with beautiful flowers :) 

Aunty Beryl's is on her second panel of her beautiful bitty quilt,
she is planning to have this on her own bed (unless I pinch it first!!!)

This week Cathy has been cutting strips and deciding the order off her fabrics, any one who knows our dear Cathy will understand why it took her a good hour or so to get the order right!! I think she has done a fantastic job blending the colours so they flow! :)

And me well  I forgot my fabric stash so had very little to do, I had a coffee a few biscuits and a good chat with everyone about my new knitting project and all sorts of things!! Then Wendy very kindly gave me a piece of fabric, so after great thought I made a fish mug rug!!

Ta Dar!!!

See you Soon xxx

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