Wednesday, 7 May 2014


Well today we have all had a group discussion and decided that from now on we will be open every Wednesday, because we all love going so much!

Lets see what else we have been doing, Wendy brought a little friend with her today which she made at home from buttons! She is very creative!

She also brought along the beautiful wedding ring quilt with her to quilt,

Wendy brought a new toy with her today, which we were all very eager to look at, it is a stencil and a chalk pad which helps you mark out where you would like to quilt,

  This is the quilt with the chalk on

Then its quilting time, note that Wendy is wearing gardening gloves for added grip,

Then this is her end result a beautiful touch to this fabulous quilt.

 Marilla has made another fabulous Dresden plate block and added Prairie Points to give it more depth, Marilla can't decide weather to make this in to a small quilt or another cushion.

And me well I had princess party bags to make, the first one took its time but once I got the hang off it I managed to make all seven! (with a little help from my surrogate nanny)

 There isn't many photos today because one I was a tad busy making party bags and because lots of people are half way thought project and not ready for their photos yet, I promise next week there will be lots more exciting ones because we are doing our Simon Henry workshop including free motion quilting, trapunto and curved piecing!!



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