Sunday, 18 May 2014

Sunday, 18 May 2014

The Simon Henry Workshop

Well on Wednesday we had two very special visitors we had our dear friend Angie and Simon Henry another Quilting expert!

This is Simon showing us all how to create this beautiful piece below named "Angie's flower" which Simon created for our workshop to involve curved piecing, trapunto and free motion quilting,

We will be learning how to quilt "Clam shell" shown in the bottom brown section, "Inca tiles" shown in the light blue, "Spiral in spiral out" shown in the top brown section and "French brocade" shown in the cream section at the top.
  Lets see how we got on...

This is Lacy Ann's beautiful piece notice no baggy edges of puckers

This is Lacy Ann's fabulous trapunto can you see how the flower looks 3d

This is Wendy's Stunning piece using very bold colours

This quilting is called French Brocade, Simon showed us all how to easily do this pattern.

This is Kate's wonderful piece, which she is planning to turn in to a bag!!!

You can see the trapunto really well here,
And this is mine with the crazy lady bugs on :)

This is another example of the French Brocade, there were lots of other pictures but the lovely ladies wanted to wait till they were finished