Monday, 15 August 2016

At last!

Not many pics again this week, so much going on
so many visitors, pat testing , lots of work in

Annette has completed all her blocks now, she squared them up
and we arranged them  ready to join together. These were all
pinned and photos taken, to make sewing easier this week.

These are Marisabell's place mats,beautiful batiks with
applique and quilting.

This is Kate's quilt, it became quite a puzzle
but with patience and a deadline imminent
all stops out it was finished in time to give as a gift.

This is the finished Dutch Heritage bag. made by
Margaret, quilted at Trading post, and hand finished
 in class by willing hands. Looking so good.

These are cushions by Annie pie, so cute and original,they
were started a few years ago. Recently found again and
brought to class.

Both these pics are of split 9 patch, just done as a trial for
Xmas table runners.

This is my bag in progress, the design is Lynda and Kate's
my contribution was a variation on the top and sides.
 I have a pic later of the finished bag.

This is 1 of three blinds that I'm making for our hall
and landing. Beautiful 100% silk. Made so that
they can be removed simply by attaching with
Velcro.Well pleased! 

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