Monday, 27 June 2016

Busy day.

Another busy day ,lots to say . Lots to play with,
bags, blocks, applique , fun quilts and charity quilts.
Afraid to say, not too many pics, will do better.
This is one of Beryls charity quilts, 1 of four layered up
ready to quilt. These started as scraps just sewn into
strips, chopped up and re sewn. Really fun to do, I call
it' brain dead' sewing. Something to do without really
thinking. An escape into your own world, lets face it
we all need this type of thing sometimes . Many have
seen Beryls work and are doing the same type.

Marilla has started hand sewing more squares, we remarked that
all the shades go together so well, each one has a combination
 of colours that match, so well chosen.

These are another selection of Linda's bag collection.
Note the beautiful retro silky lining.A lovely surprise
when you open the zip.

These are Irene's shoulder bags, really pretty gifts for
 a youngster in USA.

Another  of Linda's beautiful bags, fabric by  curtesy of
                                                                    the design shop.
This is a new block  started by Kate, a really clean looking
quilt in the making.

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