Tuesday, 24 May 2016

Summer stitching.

As we are in the later stages of the month of May,
 I personally will be glad to see a new month.
To say that May was eventful would be an 
understatement. We have had some sunshine,
lots of awful rain and storms, holidays that were
shortened. 2 bank holidays and a birthday for
son in law. Meals out, drinks in and inches on hips.
Now the payback starts,sewing to catch up on

and a table top sale to sort out.

Annette has been sandwiching her bargello quilt, only
the quilting to complete now. She has been sewing
other things at the same time. Which is something
 most people do.

This is a Darth Vader panel, two ladies are working
on these, Annette and Irene.

This is Marions quick baby quilt, seen on the
 internet, you should sew the sides onto the front
panel. Flip over and sew the back. then turn
 through . Unfortunately it became very complex
for us so we did a "fudge", It is sewn in baby
flannel so will be really cosy.

Cathie has been trying lots of new projects
she has been embroidering  Pluto, a Disney
cartoon dog. A medal for versatility I think.

These are another set of the very popular
make up bags. All very beautiful and different.
 Irene enjoyed making these two.

Marilla was fussy cutting these lovely sunflowers.
Always hand sewn  and very distinctly "Marilla"

This is one of the 2 baby quilts that I
started some weeks ago. I'm making this
one for my cousin in Wales , who has just
become a grandparent again. I've not done
much sewing this month gardening and
other things have taken over.

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