Saturday, 28 May 2016

Bank holidays

Another busy day at Caverswall,  most of the ladies 
went to the Malvern show last week. Arriving with
lots of ideas and bargains. Particularly interesting
was a template for quilting. This is made by a
company in Malvern called Parrs. 2 kits were
bought and about 5 of the templates, so there 

will be lots of fun  with those.
A super apron was made by Linda the
fabric came from the lady at SPQ.

These 2 pics are of Linda's bags these  fabrics
were bought at Malvern. These retro type
fabrics are very "in" at the moment. Memories
of Paris.

Irene started to quilt her Darth Vader quilt,
 this will be gifted to a friend in the USA.
She also sandwiched a large quilt ,so big
 she did it on the stage!

These 2 quilts are Val's both the same colours
but different !

This is a baby quilt for Snowy! The brownies have
drawn on the yellow squares, it was only a
 small matter adding the squares to the
 embroidery. To say we had a puzzle is
an understatement. I know Angie has the
 mathematics to work this out, so have I,
at home! Eventually it had to come home
 to  be sorted. It will be plain sailing from
now  on (please.) 

Annette has bought a pattern of a kisses quilt
she made good headway with the blocks.
The panel below is Annettes also a really
lovely American Cuppie doll

Annettes Darth Vader quilt finished, the back
which I forgot to photo has skulls on,


As for me , I'm working on a quilt for
the raffle next week. I do have another
just in case I can't finish it.
Belt and braces I think.

Another quicky bag  was made by Marion.
These are really popular, so pretty.

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