Wednesday, 23 March 2016

Another sale day!

Today even more fabrics came to our quilt class.
 Some from SPQ, Some from Annie pie, bargains
galore. It's been quite a busy day, not many photos

but lots of gossip.
These are the beanie babies donated to Donna Louise
today by Irene. Annie pie has taken all these and the
 quilts for us .

The ladies make these when they have a spare moment.
At the hospice they do appreciate them and always
 send thank you letters. 

This is Margaret's panic quilt, the birth is imminent so
she called into The trading post last week , they were
 so wonderful and quilted it for so quickly with a
beautiful clouds pattern.

This is Irene's Bargello ,not sure at the moment whether
 it will be a wall hanging or a large cushion, time will tell.

I saw this block on the web,think its called a split pinwheel
any way ,make a half sq, pinwheel,cut into 3 both directions
and re assemble in various ways for a quick  and effective
block, these started as 9.5 sq. if  rearrange the outer blocks
it becomes a piwheel and churndash!


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