Wednesday, 17 February 2016

Feb 17th 2016

Linda has finished another quilt for Donna Louise
lovely for a little boy, full of tractors and traffic signs.

This is a quilt for a newborn baby using fabrics left over from
a previous quilt.

Another of Kate's innovations, appliqued butterflies
complete with embroidered antennae.

These are Jenny's bags , from a Debbie Shaw design ,the
flowery one and the lilac one are lined with shower curtain
fabric. The lilac one is made with faux leather, which
 stitched without a problem on normal settings.

Beryl's chopped up blocks, again, a really vibrant quilt.
these are both for Donna Louise hospice,They along with
as many more we can complete before Easter will be gifted
with some Beanie babes that Irene will donate for  us.Everyone
is so generous with the time and gifts many thanks to you all.

This is another block towards a variety of tea cups. A quilt
Irene is sewing with  a Barbara Chainey class. 

These are bags for the nursery where Beth is working, to put the
covers into after the little ones have had a nap.I had lots of
printed flannelette donated so it came in use for the teddies.
That is also the name of the nursery

When we started to make the charity quilts we had these tapes
embroidered, I think they just finish our work nicely.

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