Thursday, 23 July 2015


Well today we had donuts :) jam and custard ones! a big thank you to Annie pie for bringing them!

We also did some sewing, lets see how we got on,

This is Margaret F's beautiful cat panel which she is putting a boarder on, I have an apology to
make, Margaret's favourite cat is on the top left, in the yellow block, not top right! :)
(sorry Margaret)

This is Lynda's gorgeous scrappy quilt, I love the contrast between the
light and dark fabrics, It just shows how you can make something stunning
with your scraps, you don't have to go out spending loads of money to get the
wow factor!   

Margaret has found this lovely pattern in a magazine and is having a go,
I cant wait to see this finished :)
Wendy is having a play today, and giving out lots of help and
advice (thank you Wendy)

Kate is off bags today and is making this wonderful baby quilt
for a very lucky relative :)

Is it to early to mention the 'C' word?
 Well Irene is working on a beautiful Christmas advent calendar,
I cant wait to see this finished! :)

Cathy we are all very proud of you this week, you were very brave
and picked up your music bag to finish, it was just one of those projects that we
all have, that seam a bit to challenging, but Cathy the super star she is, wasn't going to let it
defeat her, and I really cant wait to see this one finished :)

Annie pie has finished her stunning autumble quilt, and is now making a matching
bag! this is for an elderly friend, she can take the quilt with her where ever she goes and use it when needed, what a super idea!! 
Marilla has finished her beautiful bunting
Tar Dar!!!!!
and how fantastic it looks, each panel is hand quilted and looks absolutely
And me, with a little help, my dolly has now got a new dress and some hair,
next time she will be having her face and some knickers!
That's it for another week
see you soon

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