Thursday, 16 April 2015


Well today I was not feeling 100% but it was Birthdays, and Birthdays equal CAKE!!!! It was the lovely Beryl and lovely |Merillia's Birthday, and they both brought cake :)

Well back to sewing,

Lynda has been working very hard on her beautiful quilt, she is
just planning her boarder,

Jenny has been working on this fantastic table runner and as a
surprise it reversible !!!
Wow she has just got to quilt it now :)
Another fab Linus quilt from Cathy :)

Kate has been working on these lovely storage bags for her daughter :)

Merillia has been working on these very tricky little blocks, which look

Wendy has found this beautiful fabric which she is planning to make a bag with!!

Maggie was doing some knitting then decided to get her
wonderful scrappy quilt out, I cant wait to see this finished!!

Chris is working on a William Morris pack, which we have seen before I think, this
is the 4th one created here!! Well it is beautiful!

Beryl is doing more triangles, I think these are her favourite!!
these will be added to another charity quilt ;)

Cathy has been making these lovely pillows to go with her fantastic
bargello quilt :) 

Barbra has made these lovely blocks and is going to turn them in to
a beautiful bag for a very lucky little girl :)

Barbra has also been working on this fantastic I Spy" type quilt for her grandson,
who isn't even here yet!! Lucky boy!!
And me well I've put the binding on my Linus quilt and
finished making the body for my doll, my poor dolly
has been sewn every which way today! finally she looks
like a doll, she is just waiting for some hair a face and a
That's it for this week
See you soon