Monday, 26 January 2015

More Sewing!!

Well I was a bit worried on Wednesday this week, because it had been snowing!!! So I dug my car out and set off to the village hall in hope that someone might be there, When I arrived I was so happy to see Wendy and Jenny, then Cathy appeared then Irene, I couldn't believe it! then Lynda, Margaret and Kate appeared!! Well I think that just shows how much the sewing day means to everyone, then Merilla  and Chris appeared! Fantastic everyone deserves a medal for the effort this week :)

Cathy is working on a new Bargelo Quilt, in these lovely purples,
I cant wait to see how she goes on with this :) 

 Margaret has been working on this beautiful quilt, which she is
 making for herself (It is nice to treat your self)

Today she is sandwiching it on our lovely big tables :)
Wendy is quilting yet another lovely quilt which she has made
 from all her scrappy bits :)
Then I walked past Merilla's bench and saw this and was very curious
Then after dinner I saw this Tar Dar!!! How fantastic, another
 Dresden Plate, all hand sewn!!
Cathy is finishing yet another fantastic Linus Quilt!!

Chris is working on another beautiful table runner :)
Irene brought along these beautiful fabrics, wow cant wait to see
what see does with these.

Irene has also been working on her red and white blocks, :)
Lynda has been working on these beautiful blocks, she is making a
quilt for her friends birthday :)

Kate has been working on yet another beautiful bag! She really does love bags!
This is going to be a weekend bag!

And me well I was scrap happy today, there will be more pics next week :)
That's all for this week
fingers crossed there isn't more snow next week
See you soon

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