Monday, 1 May 2017

Bank holiday blues.

Well we've been to Wales again , not a hot weekend
to say the least. We have caught up with friends and
 reviewed all the winter sewing. I've been inspired
yet again by my friend Lucy's applique. She has been
making quilts using the little owls from the 
accuquilt dies. We bought them last year for the class.
Ithink they may come to class on Wednesday.
This beautiful quilt has been made by Annette
quilted at Trading post. a gift for a niece in USA.

Another 3 quilts by Beryl all will be gifted for charity.
Most of the fabrics have been donated to the class
for nominal sums, so we all benefit from
other peoples stash.

This is part of a set of cushions in the making by Margaret.
It has been bought from the Bankrupt stock shop
in Newcastle. Each was printed as a chair cover,
so all the extra fabric will make the backs
with zips!


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