Thursday, 9 March 2017

Spring is here!

Hopefully the bad weather has ended , now we are 
seeing the beautiful Daffs in the gardens. We are
doing well at the hall, the ladies are making all sorts
of beautiful things,knitting,  crochet, bag making ,
we now have an Accuquilt to play with, we are looking 

forward to lots of hearts and flying geese projects.

Jenny's cat quilt now completed, a very good design for
 a guy.  

Another of Beryl's arty bits, everyone's selvages , collected
over months, these will be 2 cushions.

Foxy,s variation on the Chequered Dresden, these have
proved very popular since Xmas.

Maggie was making a costume for the book day
at her granddaughters school.

2 orphan blocks found by Irene, these will be made
into Zimmer frame bag for a frame, beautiful fabrics.

Cathy has been making smoothie hats, along with the other ladies
The last count was about 200 by Beryl and Kate. These are
 towards the next donation. The ladies are also having fun
making the tiny bobbles, using a plastic fork!

This pretty bag has been made by Marrilla, a gift for

Chris, back from her far eastern travels has made this
lovely bunting. A kit from the show at Uttoxeter last
year. a lovely and different type of bunting.

Another bag by Val, this was a variation on the carryall
bag made a few weeks ago. This one has extra pockets
and is  a bit larger.

An other beautiful designer shop sample bag made
by Kate, really heavy chenille in this plum
colour. Unique is becoming the byword for
the work being done in the hall.

Lynda has been sewing these lovely prints with
a beautiful batik fabric from Angies shop, it
just shows how a backing fabric can enhance
a motif , making a stunning quilt.

Do you remember Buzby? We all did, I just thought
that the design would make a great quilt. Marisabell
thinks that it is 30  years old, from when she lived
in London.

At last, my Hunters star completed. I,m really pleased,
Its taken longer than normal for me but I have been offside
for 5 weeks. Now to finish something else thats waiting.

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