Saturday, 11 February 2017


The past 2 weeks have been so hectic in the hall,
new projects, new ideas, some of us (me)
promising to finish what I've started. Gifts for
new babies and charity work all taking off. 

This is another of Marions gifting quilts.
it will be raffled by her sister for charity.

This is the front. a lovely 50's type print like
 Mabel Lucy Attwell.(for those of a certain age)

Kate's butterfly quilt made with a charm pack
and quilted beautifully merrygo round style.

A group of the ladies have been making beenie
hats for the Innocence fruit drinks. The tables were
 loaded with wools of all colours, and sharing began.
also the Twiddle muffs are being made with all sorts
of additions. This week Beryl demonstrated
her new method of making multiple bobbles at
once. So very quick and cleaver.

Val brought her bag to complete it was to be gifted
but may now be kept for herself. Val made a quilty thing
( her sons description) completed and dispatched
along with pillow shams. I did take pics but some how
they must be floating in the ether some where.
When they land on earth I will retrieve them!

My promise to try to complete thing took a turn for
 the better my Hunters star no 2 almost completed.
t the last border and then the binding. Hip Hooray.

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