Sunday, 11 September 2016

Holiday makers return!

What a welcome back after the summer break,
a lovely time had by all. Now I'm back in the
 mood for sewing here we go, there are 2 weeks

of pictures this time. 
Val started work on this dress for her upcoming
cruise, it's a very soft delicate cotton,creating
problems of it's own , every seam had to be tacked
as the fabric moved so much. Resulting in a really
lovely flowing dress.

Val also needed a more spacious bag than the  ones she
had , so this was designed to expand with all the "stuff"
we ladies like to carry. The embroidery was done on her
posh embroidery machine. Below is the working sketch,
designs on cigarette packets and napkins come to mind.
No matter! it works.

Marrisabell has been working on this travel bag, such a
successful project tried and tested by so many of us, really
good results every time. 

This is a bed runner for Margaret's daughter, beautiful
we think,  Kath Kidson fabrics.

Kate is nearing completion with this quilt, it started
life as a Jenny Raynment workshop. Then just like
Topsy it grew. and grew. No one could count the
 hours of work that has gone into this, or the
designing, Angie  sorted the borders. Working
in a group makes any craft more enjoyable,
working in isolation doesn't stretch any ones
 imagination there is always 2 ways to look at
a problem . Soon this will be completed and
a joy to behold.

Cathie is starting to sew a runner for the piano, we planned
 the quilting and the borders, maybe this will be stitched at
 home we will have to wait and see.

These little ginger bread folk were stitched by Annie pie
quite a while ago. They were made into cushions that she
then gave to me last week. I thought that they were so
cute they needed to be recycled.( I did confess at class)
They will now be framed and made into a lovely quilt. I'm
sure they will be admired for a long time to come. Thanks Annie.

This quilt was a kit from Debbie Shore on the television
I bought 2 as you do. The first went to our baby
Jasmine. This one I donated on Friday to a charity
event at Berryhill center. They were raising money
for the SAID charity. £1500 raised so far.
Well done to all

This is my design for a christening gift from our
baby Jasmine to a baby she plays with called
Luca Jon Hargreaves. He will be christened
next week. I wanted to call it
 "Thank ewe for being my friend",but
chickened out. In my scrap book only.

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