Thursday, 7 August 2014

A quilt will warm your body and comfort your soul!

Quick reminder (cause I forgot!) :)

PAT Testing next Wednesday on the 13th!!

Well today we had a busy little village hall, with lots of busy bodies doing all sorts of wild and wonderful things!!!

             Chris has been making another table runner, this time it is a beautiful Christmas one
                                                              (it is never to early!!)

This is where Cathy is with her fabulous Bargello Quilt, I really cant
 wait to see this finished, this is going to be a gift for her Daughter :)

Margaret is still working on her granddaughters beautiful stripy quilt in
 lovely blues, reds and whites :)
Margaret also had time to make this wonderful pillow.

                                             Maggie was just playing in her fabric box today
                                                 (sometimes you need one of those days!!)

                                        Wendy is making another funky bag, she said, and I quote
                                          " these are like Swiss Army Guards Knickers!!
                          Well I think I looks fab and might have to pinch it when its finished!! :)

                          Irene has almost finished her beautiful table runner, she has just got
                                               to a bit more quilting, then Tar Dar!!!

   Well we have a Tar Dar!! for Kate, she has completed her fabulous Simon Henry
workshop inspired bag, the top picture is the piece she created in the workshop
 then the bottom picture you can see she has made a matching panel! then very cleverly turned 
them in to a beautiful bag! Tar Dar!!!

And me well I turned these unused cot sides
and up cycled them in to this fantastic book shelf for my daughter!
(with a little a little help as usual)
Tar Dar!!!!
well that's it for another week, see you soon xxx